At Calexico Man, we often have clients reach out to us in a state of confusion about Australian verses US verses French versus Italian sizing. Another FAQ is what on earth does S, M and L mean anyway if you’re a niche half-size like a 35” waist?

Many guys want to buy online for the convenience factor, but understandably don’t want to get it wrong and have to do a return at the post office. “Then I may as well have gone to the shop in the first place!” said one client. Fair enough – but there is a way of ensuring you get the right size nine times out of 10.

To make it easier for you, we’ve included our master reference guides for suit jackets, pants and shirts. You can increase your chances of getting the perfect fit by double-checking your measurements yourself with a tape measure (or coming in store of course.

Our Calexico Man stylists are always happy to sort you out with a professional measure and quote). But if you are determined to nail online shopping once and for all, our size conversion charts and a measuring tape are all you need. Here are a couple of questions to ask yourself before you measure up and add to cart.


When was the last time you took your measurements or were properly fitted by a pro?
In our experience, some guys make the mistake of assuming they’re the same size they’ve always been when in reality they’ve put on a few kegs or lost an inch or two over the years. Happens to us all. Again, it’s worth getting out your measuring tape or seeing a Calexico Man stylist who can size you objectively. Taking the time to do this every few years is so worth it. If you’ve been getting around in the wrong size, wearing something that fits you comfortably and flatteringly is a true game changer!


What’s your personal preference? Loose, tight or just right?

While size guides in inches and centimetres are extremely helpful, sizing is not an exact science. It varies greatly depending on the brand. That’s why some labels are known for their so-called vanity sizing and others ‘run small’. If in doubt about any designers stocked at Calexico Man, just contact us. Often our online product descriptions will specify whether a garment is true to size or if you’re wise to size up.

If you prefer a relaxed fit, it makes sense to buy the next size up anyway when you’re hitting a measurement on the button – or vice versa if you like your clothes tight and tailored.


Size guide for jackets and blazers (measurements are in inches)

To get an idea of your suit jacket size, measure the widest part of your chest just underneath your arms. Resist the urge to breathe in. Inches is usually what we’re dealing with – even in Australia where the metric system is king.

For reasons unknown, you can usually add 10 to your US, UK and Australian size to get your European size. A 38 suit in Australia would be an Italian 48.