At age 55, iconic man’s man and action hero Jason Statham has rarely worn a bad outfit in his 30 years of public appearances. Who knows if it’s thanks to his supermodel missus Rosie Huntington-Whitely or whether he’s just got a natural eye for putting an outfit together?
At any rate, we’ve never seen someone wear a shawl cardigan with such swagger and cool. Our picture research would indicate that he’s someone who actually looks significantly better with no hair (own it, sir!) and he’s always looked like a stone-faced bad-ass gangster in every photo.
With autumn just around the corner, now’s a great time to look to someone like Jason Statham for new-season inspiration. His classic London geezer outfits can teach us all a thing or two about style.


Can you imagine this bloke in a surf-print tee and boardies? Neither can we. He suits cold climes, flat caps, black leather and beige bombers. If it’s summer, he’s been known to branch out in a plain black t-shirt.



The UK is the natural habitat of the white classic sneakers and Jason Statham is nothing if not patriotic. When out and about running errands in LA, he still favours white leather sneakers in perfect nick.



Real men wear cardigans. Preferably cosy ribbed ones with a shawl neck or quarter zip. Look out for them this season.



For someone so buff and athletic-looking, Jason looks completely at home and sure of himself in exquisitely tailored suits – even velvet and pin-striped ones.



Jason is clearly a big fan of any jacket and it’s working for him. The gentleman is a study in outerwear done really well. We particularly like this satin bomber jacket worn over a tonal tee for travel.