Who doesn’t want more sleep without sacrificing on style? It’s summer and the name of the game is streamlined simplicity when it comes to getting dressed. Take our advice and even after a sleepless night you’ll be able to pull together no-brainer outfits that look fresh and put together. The key to achieving this is a bit of pre-planning (nothing too full on, don’t worry) and thoughtful purchasing.



1. Loosely Prep Your Week Of Outfits


Lay out five days’ worth of tops and bottoms ahead of time and you’re on your way to having a productive week where you look your best every day. Just the bare basics will do (ironed if they need it) and you can fill in the gaps the night before. This won’t take long and will clear valuable head space.


2. Work Towards A Capsule Wardrobe

If most things you own work together interchangeably, there are no wrong answers! This goes with that goes with the other. This is the beauty of the capsule wardrobe – so many outfit options from so few pieces. For this to work, you need a ‘life palette’ of neutrals and complementary brights (our Calexico Man stylists can help you with this).
An example capsule wardrobe might consist of: a couple of premium white tees, tailored shorts, chinos, two good wool blend suits (one being navy), a white oxford button-down, textured polos, graphic tees, print shirts x 2, denim jacket, leather jacket and fine cashmere knits. Care for everything well and you can’t go wrong.

3. Get A Hand Steamer

Many people pay attention to price when they shop when what they really should be focusing on is the fit and the fabric. This will dictate your cost per wear. Making the right decision will save you hours in the long run.
Silk mixes, wool blends, cashmere, mohair and cotton-elastance blends tend not to crinkle easily and may require just a quick going-over with a steamer.
Fabrics you should never have to iron include heavy denim (just remove from the dryer soon as it’s done), polyester or polyester blends over 65%, lyocell or rayon.

4. Only Own Quality Accessories


The difference between scrubbing up really well and looking just passable often comes down to investing in a good watch, well-made sunglasses and good-quality occasional items like a decent umbrella, proper leather weekender and matching laptop case.


5. When In Doubt, Choose A Classic


If you’ve had a rough night – whether it’s self-inflicted or you’ve been up with kids – the humble blue shirt suits all occasions and complexions. Pair with a suit and suddenly you’re looking alive for your corporate job. Throw on some jeans and you’re looking the part as a creative. Same goes for golfing chinos or casual shorts. How good!