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Article: Pieces That Start a Conversation (So You Don’t Have To)

Pieces That Start a Conversation (So You Don’t Have To)

Pieces That Start a Conversation (So You Don’t Have To)

It’s event season and the expectation to stand around and make small talk is peaking. Enhance your outfit and give people something to talk about with these Calexico Man brands that come with their own fascinating backstory and unique point of difference.



Hats From Nick Fouquet

With an eclectic client list ranging from Keith Richards to Tom Brady, French-American headwear designer Nick Fouquet hand-makes his off-kilter bohemian creations in Venice Beach, Los Angeles, using sustainably harvested Beaver-fur felt and traditional techniques.
Fouquet’s rakish, Western-inflected styles trimmed with signature matchsticks, feathers, ribbons and gold nuggets (!) never fail to elicit comments and compliments.



Tailoring From Lardini

Blending Italian sartorial tradition with artisanal expertise, Luigi Lardini began as a master tailor for Dolce & Gabana in the 70s before founding his own much-lauded label in the medieval town of Filottrano, Ancona.
When you’re wearing a Lardini piece, people sit up and take notice of the elevated tailoring, vintage details and signature embossed flower.

Accessories From Rapport London

We’re proud to stock one of the UK’s finest watch and watch-winder manufacturers –one with a storied 125-year history. Since 1898, Rapport London has manufactured handcrafted luxury watch accessories designed to help preserve and extend the life of your most prized possessions.
The Rapport London range at Calexico Man includes precision-crafted watch winding cubes, watch pouches and jewellery boxes designed using age-old craftsmanship techniques.

Rock Tees From John Varvatos

Before launching his own label in 2000, rock ’n’ roll designer John Varvatos worked at Polo Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein, where he pioneered a style of men's underwear called boxer briefs – a hybrid of boxer shorts and briefs.
Underwear game changed, John turned his attention to his greatest passion, music, and his eponymous label now specialises in classic-cut, raw-edge rock tees and accessories.

Denim From Jacob Cohen

Italian label Jacob Cohën is known for its borderline-obsessive attention to detail when crafting its jeans and jackets. To give you an idea, the steel buttons they use are the same as the ones in the Rolex watch band.
Their search for the highest-quality raw materials is legendary. Only the best selvedge fabrics and fine Japanese denim make the grade.  

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