You have to hand it to Bradley Cooper. No matter where he is or what he’s doing, he’s one of those guys who always effortlessly cool and comfortable in his skin. Great smile. Great hair. GREAT style. No one looks better in a suit, and he manages to look the part in his everyday life too.
To give credit where it’s due, he is under the care of superstar stylist Ilaria Urbinati (who also dresses Ryan Reynolds, Ben Affleck and The Rock). While she may be responsible for his red carpet looks, you rarely see Bradley in a dud outfit even when he’s off the clock.


Unlike many of his Hollywood counterparts, Bradley Cooper is one of those rare guys who actually looks better when he’s all dressed up in a suit. He never looks uncomfortable or constricted, just totally at home and like he’s enjoying every bit of his success.
Our keen-eyed stylists say it’s because Bradley’s suits are perfectly tailored – especially around the legs – and he always leaves the bottom button on his jacket undone. Another point worth mentioning is that he’s also unafraid to wear light-coloured suits, and the camera loves those!
Once he wore a white suit and black tie to the Golden Globes (very unusual) and spent the whole night grinning from ear to ear.


For more casual daytime premieres and photo calls, Bradley loves a collarless leather jacket paired with a plain black or white tee. Mid-blue straight-leg jeans, aviators and workman boots complete the look. It’s another great go-to outfit for The Hangover star, and one that anyone can recreate.



Away from the limelight, Bradley Cooper is a master of understated cool that’s somehow never sloppy. His civilian wardrobe is fairly clean cut and simple – but never boring.

There are a lot of baseball caps, graphic tees, nylon duffle bags, casual chinos and cool sneakers in the mix. This appears to be the case whether he’s going to dinner or leaving the gym, and it works every time.