Over the past few years, men’s bracelets have come out of nowhere to become a powerfully masculine look adopted by sporting heroes and fashion aficionados alike. Then we saw Mr Deadpool himself Ryan Reynolds rocking a colourful stack (reportedly made by his daughters) on the football docco Welcome to Wrexham, and we knew this was going to be a runaway trend.




Stacking For The Uninitiated

So how does one dip their toe into these uncharted waters if you’ve only ever worn a watch before? Our advice is to start small with a maximum of three bracelets in interesting styles and textures: one beaded, one metal (chunky over fine and delicate) and perhaps a braided leather number.



How to add colour

As for your colour scheme, get creative but make it tonally coherent with your outfit and watch strap (if you’re wearing one). Variations on the same colour family will complement each other without sticking out like a sore thumb. Subtlety is what we’re going for.
Strap your watch above the bracelet stack and voila, you’ve nailed the look. At Calexico Man, we have a range of men’s bracelets from designers M. Cohen and Tateossian. There’s a kaleidoscope of colours and textures to choose from so you can stack to your heart’s content. Start with a few styles you’re drawn to and go bolder from there.