With Men’s Fashion Week done and dusted for SS23, our spies on the ground took note of street style trends that work for the everyday bloke. Replicating these looks couldn’t be easier with a few key pieces from Calexico Man.


Tonal Dressing



Well, this is new. At least in the realm of menswear. We spotted plenty of well-heeled attendees wearing just the One Colour (or varying shades of) from head to toe and pulling it off with panache. On closer inspection, this was achieved with clever layering and matching say your pants to, say, your shoes or belt in slightly different but complementary tones. Here’s how to try this at home.



Casual Suiting




You heard it here first. Suits are back, baby! They’re just a little less straight-edged and way more laidback than before, with designers changing things up and stylists doing their thing to make tailoring work in a range of scenarios.
The result is nonchalant and never too stuffy. Maybe James Bond wouldn’t approve, but this is every bloke’s dream, right? The good news is you can make this look your own. Just go for a textured suit over a collarless jumper, roll up the trouser legs and pair with loafers or sneakers instead of the usual dress shoes or boots. Don’t forget sunnies with a hint of attitude!

Cool & Casual

Just look at this guy, could he be any cooler? But note that he is not trying too hard. The look here is casual while still being smart and never inappropriate. There are several ways to get it right.
One is by choosing slightly oversized pieces with room to breathe. The other is with judicious layering where you leave a few buttons undone, but not in a ‘Fabio’ way (a gentleman reveals nothing, boys). Wayfarer-style sunnies pull everything together.



Linen-Look Outwear





You couldn’t swing a smartphone at Fashion Week this year without hitting three guys wearing linen outerwear in muted shades of olive or apricot. Such a sharp look year-round and easily achievable if you stick to crisp white or muted tones under your coloured linen mainstays.