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Article: Man of the the Month: Enzo Esposito

Enzo Esposito Smiles to the Side of The Frame, while wearing Avant Toi Cashmere

Man of the the Month: Enzo Esposito

Where did the idea for Como Restaurant originate? 

Como Restaurant was born from the idea of relaxed yet refined dining inspired by regions throughout Italy. I wanted to create an atmosphere that was fine dining and had a little ‘party’ aspect about it. It is no doubt elevated dining, but it is as inviting and homely as Italian cuisine can be. I also wanted to pay homage to my Dad and memories of old. My Dad owned restaurants in my younger years. While he is not around anymore the restaurant keeps me always thinking of him. 

What dish would you eat for you last supper? 

I couldn't choose just one dish, I would have a pasta ragu, a margherita pizza and a 100g tin of caviar to finish. 


What is your favourite holiday destination and why?

Italy. It has everything from the cities, the countrysides, the beaches, the snow, the food, the cars and the fashion. Most importantly I get the opportunity to connect with some of my family who still live there. 

What is your favourite designer label at CalexicoMan and why? 

Avant-toi. Their cashmere is second to none. 

Your idea of happiness is? 


What was the inspiration behind ImperialCorp? 

ImperialCorp has been a long journey. The business, formerly Imperial Coatings, began as a commercial painting company servicing Tier 1 and Tier 2 builders and developers. As the company grew and its reputation developed, I brought in three other major trades to create a group of companies which offer a seamless offering for our clients. This enables us to bring a higher level of detail and efficiency in service delivery. This is becoming even more important in the modern construction industry which is often rife with program delays. Also makes it easier for the builders to point the finger at one guy, not several... 

Your favourite hero - real or fiction? 

Darth Vader, who is in my opinion the ultimate redemption arc anti-hero. Every man has a lot to learn once he understands the story of Anakin Skywalker's transition to Darth Vader (and back to Anakin Skywalker). 

Explain the Star Wars love affair? 

I grew up across the world. Aside from my family, Star Wars was the only thing to follow me everywhere. Star Wars was so ahead of its time and quickly became a global phenomenon and is now arguably one of the biggest franchises in television. I have fond memories of my brothers and I dressing up as the characters each halloween and at dress up parties. Star Wars is one of those true sagas that has never really ended, it's lore snowballs, evolves with the times and is endless entertainment. That being said, I have slowed down on the collectables over the years... 

What is your life motto? 

Live every day like it's your last.

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